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Other museums

There are many other museums dealing with the topic of mobility in the region of North Baden, and the list below probably is not exhaustive:

  • The Mannheim state museum which you cannot miss when entering Mannheim coming from "Autobahnkreuz Mannheim". At the end of the motorway, opposite the planetarium and right next to the ADAC, with plenty of parking available.
  • The Hockenheim Motor Sports Museum immediately next to the Formula 1 race track shows more than 200 exhibits, but also the development of the race course from 1932 until today.
  • A little further off the Bertha Benz Memorial Route you can find the Technical Museums in Sinsheim and Speyer which are also worth visiting.
  • And anybody leaving beautiful Baden towards Swabia and Stuttgart can visit the new museums of various German premium automobile manufacturers there.


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