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AUTOVISION museum, Altlussheim

Today many complaints are heard that only the internal combustion engine has been developed further, and that there have not been any new developments that would reduce the environmental impact of the old internal combustion engine.

Actually, such developments have been made – but they have not been seriously pursued. Finding out why this is so would go beyond the scope of this website. We would rather like to recommend visiting the AUTOVISION auto museum, because the Bertha Benz Memorial Route is very close to it (4 km = 5 minutes' drive).

Since nobody could provide a better description of what characterizes this museum that was privately built up and is operated with a lot of passion than Mr. and Mrs. Schultz, we would like to quote their welcome site on the Internet (

"The museum AUTOVISION - Tradition & Forum is the first exhibition in Europe to show the possibilities and visions of mobility that exist at the beginning of the new millennium. It is considered that the future also has a past. Moreover it is worldwide the first permanent exhibition of Wankel engines. Further highlights are the new Science Arena and the museum in motion.
The exhibitions not only address technically interested visitors, but want to inspire particularly the youth - our future - for technical solutions of mobility."

How to get there:

When driving back from Pforzheim to Mannheim, when you get to the roundabout shortly before reaching Reilingen, do not turn right from L 546 to L 599 following the Bertha Benz Memorial Route, but rather continue 4 km straight ahead through Neulussheim to Altlussheim. At the entrance to Altlussheim, you will find the AUTOVISION museum on your left.


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Signposts have been set up
Official Opening will be
embedded in the closing
ceremonies of
"Automobilsommer 2011"
Bertha Benz Challenge
(Open only for vehicles with
alternative drive systems)

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Our friend Ms. Christiane Lubisch, who translated this website from German into English for free, passed away in December 2010.
We miss you, Christiane!