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A monument 194 km long

As much as 120 years ago, in August 1888, Bertha Benz brought mobility to the world without which today's modern life on earth would be hard to imagine.

Therefore, we, the initiators, did not want to erect a static stone monument, but rather a monument that reflects the energetic and dynamic achievement of Bertha Benz.

Being a monument of industrial history, the Bertha Benz Memorial Route will arouse memories of the courageous achievement of Bertha Benz not only within the boundaries of North Baden, but even worldwide, and make it unforgotten.

The authentic route taken by Bertha Benz not only links almost forgotten original sites she passed on her way, it also leads to one of the world's most beautiful holiday regions.


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Signposts have been set up
Official Opening will be
embedded in the closing
ceremonies of
"Automobilsommer 2011"
Bertha Benz Challenge
(Open only for vehicles with
alternative drive systems)

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In Memoriam

Our friend Ms. Christiane Lubisch, who translated this website from German into English for free, passed away in December 2010.
We miss you, Christiane!