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Eight private individuals joined together to keep up the memory of Bertha Benz - Karl-Friedrich Kaul, Marie Kissel, Ulf Lempfert, Joseph Lingen, Edgar Meyer, Frauke Meyer, Kristian Meyer und Gerd Sperka.

So if you approve of our initiative and want to contribute to Bertha Benz receiving an appropriate place in history, please also tell your friends about this initiative.

For example, you can include a reference to this website in your next e-mails and SMS messages. After all, the memory of Bertha Benz can only be preserved if this project is supported by many enthusiasts! Thank you very much!

And if you are a female driver and hear men say again "typical woman driver", then you should proudly mention Bertha Benz and this website, because the first long-distance trip ever undertaken by car was made by a woman, and mastered with great success.

And if you should come to North Baden in the future, we would like to invite you to take the "Bertha Benz Memorial Route" and follow the traces of Bertha Benz and her extraordinarily courageous journey. You will always be welcome!


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Signposts have been set up
Official Opening will be
embedded in the closing
ceremonies of
"Automobilsommer 2011"
Bertha Benz Challenge
(Open only for vehicles with
alternative drive systems)

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In Memoriam

Our friend Ms. Christiane Lubisch, who translated this website from German into English for free, passed away in December 2010.
We miss you, Christiane!